We actively use landscape design as a means of promoting sustainability by, for example, closing the water circuit, addressing problems of energy efficiency, reducing heat stress, and improving flood protection with the help of innovative solutions.


Landscape architecture in the object planning process

Whether private or public, the design of external spaces is often more complex than expected. At ensphere, we take detailed account of all project-specific criteria, including topography, the supply infrastructure, environmental regulations, user preferences, and aesthetic aspirations.

In order to realize an idea from concept to completion, a series of steps is required. The HOAI (the fee scale for architects and engineers) provides a structure for these phases of work and the related fees.

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Nature-based solutions in landscape architecture

We have been leaders in the area of nature-based solutions in landscape architecture for more than a decade. We can point to an extensive project portfolio that ranges from the renaturalization of rivers, via engineering biology, to the design and implementation of green roofs and vertical planting systems.

Whether they are working on the revitalization of urban waterways, the stabilization of slopes with the help of natural vegetation, or the improvement of building envelopes using living systems, our team is known for designing resilient and sustainable landscapes that flourish in harmony with nature.


Integrated urban planning

ensphere offers comprehensive solutions as a means of mastering the complex challenges of urban development. Our approach is based on the integration of a range of elements, such as transport, infrastructure, land use, and environmental aspects, with the objective of creating well-balanced and sustainable surroundings.

We work closely with all interested parties in order to develop innovative strategies that promote the efficient use of resources, improve the quality of life of a community, and support economic growth. From the masterplan to the implementation, we strive to realize cities that are resilient, inclusive, and full of life.

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Sponge city

The objective of the “sponge city” concept is to limit flooding, reduce contamination, and improve the sustainability of water resources by ensuring that rainwater is effectively captured, stored, and used in urban areas.

We specialize in the integration of green and blue infrastructure elements in urban landscapes as a means of creating resilient systems that imitate natural hydrological processes. From concept development to project implementation, our aim is to shape sustainable cities that are capable of meeting water-related challenges.


Circular city

We focus on the creation of urban settings that prioritize waste reduction and resource efficiency by closing material and energy cycles. By combining recycling-oriented principles with nature-based solutions we use the regenerative potential of nature to enhance sustainability and resilience in urban landscapes.

From the development of green infrastructure to the implementation of innovative waste management systems, the objective of our holistic approach is to encourage environmental responsibility while promoting economic prosperity and social well-being in urban areas.

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City guidelines

Our service also includes the detailed development of specific city guidelines that are tailored to address different challenges and promote sustainable urban development.

In this area, we pay particular attention to reducing heat stress, adapting to climate change, developing water-sensitive solutions, upgrading riverbanks, and implementing the ambitious reforesting measures set out by city and provincial governments.