About us

ensphere wants to create not only functional spaces but also surroundings that resonate with people, their history, and their sense of belonging. We aim to design places that promote social interaction, cultural exchange, and general well-being.

Our philosophy

In view of the global challenges that we are all facing, ensphere is driven by a profoundly important mission: We want to redefine the paradigms of landscape architecture. Because we have the vision of a future in which ecological innovation and human-centered design become one – in the form of sustainable spaces that enrich both the environment and communities. We are convinced that landscape architecture is not just about shaping spaces but is a catalyst for positive change in our towns and cities.

At ensphere, we regard “landscapes” as living, breathing, and dynamically interconnected ecosystems. This is why we are committed to integrating the latest research, digital technologies, and climate-friendly design principles in order to create surroundings that are inspiring, invigorating, and resilient. From small measures to large-scale urban transformations, we have a clear objective: We want to create places that embody a harmonious balance between, people, nature, and the built environment.

ensphere Team
Dimitra Theochari

The team of ensphere

ensphere consists of a creative and highly-motivated team led by the Managing Director Dimitra Theochari. An experienced architect, engineer, and landscape designer, Dimitra has headed over 150 projects in 15 countries on three continents. The multidisciplinary expertise and know-how that she has gained while working in a range of cultures and international landscapes is the basis of ensphere. Her areas of expertise include the development of nature-based solutions that work in harmony with nature, the creation of productive landscapes that improve ecological resilience, and the promotion of ecological urban development principles that serve people and the planet in equal measure.

Dimitra’s specialties range from the development of strategies for blue-green infrastructures, and the promotion of cultural sustainability through building methods and the preservation of landscapes, to the creation of livable and resilient urban spaces. We strive together to design sustainable and dynamic urban surroundings and to develop innovative solutions that redefine landscape architecture. We passionately believe that, by creating transformative spaces, we can awaken emotions and establish connections with the natural world.

Part of the ATP network

As part of the interdisciplinary and multi-office network of ATP architects engineers, which consists of a number of integrated design offices in the DACH and CEE Regions as well as a range of specialist research and design companies, we are able to identify mutual interdependencies and to use the resulting synergies in order to create optimal solutions.