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Landscape architecture and urban planning for a sustainable relationship between people and nature. Nature-based solutions that combine ecological innovation with human-centered design.

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The objective of our comprehensive range of services is to create and shape natural surroundings. Our holistic approach and expertise enable us to support our clients in the shaping of a livable and sustainable setting that meets the needs of a community while protecting and enhancing the environment.


Landscape architecture in the object planning process

We accompany a project from concept to completion, taking into account all the necessary steps. In detail and in line with the work phases of the HOAI.


Nature-based solutions in landscape architecture

We have been leaders in this field for over a decade and are notable for our design of resilient and sustainable landscapes that flourish in harmony with nature.


Integrated urban planning

ensphere offers comprehensive solutions as a means of mastering the challenges of urban planning.


Sponge city

We have extensive experience of “sponge city” initiatives and are experts in the implementation of innovative urban water management solutions.


Circular city

In the area of recycling-oriented urban planning, we focus on the seamless integration of nature-based solutions in the context of the circular economy.


City guidelines

Our extensive know-how makes it easier for us to create dynamic, green cities that prioritize the well-being of their inhabitants and of the environment.

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We accompany projects from concept to implementation, from the first design meeting to the site supervision phase. We develop masterplans for public areas that encourage interaction and engagement with the surrounding natural context and we work on environmentally-friendly solutions by integrating sustainable principles into our concepts


ensphere has an impact far beyond our extensive project portfolio: We promote innovative and sustainable landscape design with the objective of creating surroundings that combine functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. This is why we participate in numerous COST actions.


Nature-based solutions in the public realm

ensphere works on pioneering approaches in the area of park design.


International knowledge transfer on the subject of climate change

ensphere actively encourages the international exchange of expertise as a means of meeting climate challenges.


Strategies for improving urban green spaces

We research into measures for retaining urban green spaces in order to enhance the quality of life of city dwellers.


Solutions for dealing with climate change

We work on nature-based solutions for the design of open spaces in the context of the ATP Green Deal.


Climate-resilient urban planning

We place the focus on water-sensitive urban development and blue-green infrastructure in modern landscape design.


Biodiversity and the principles of animal-aided design

We research the importance of biological diversity for compensating the impact of climate change on cities.

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Accompany us into a new era of landscape design and let’s work together on innovative solutions – for a better and greener future.




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